Top 3 Reasons Why Consignment Is The Way To Go When Selling Your Vehicle


To all vehicle owners, if you are reading this article, you will be put in a situation when you are selling off your preowned vehicle. The feeling of selling your preowned to a lowball offer sucks, and I feel you! Now, spend some time reading this article, and you will thank us when you encounter a situation like this in the future.

Here is the TOP 3 reason why you should go for a consignment agent rather than a direct dealer/direct selling if possible.

  1. Higher Vehicle Return Value
    As a dealer, they are businesses out there to make money which means they will offer a lower trade-in value to have a higher profit margin to handle all the repairs that your preowned has and hopefully find your preowned its new owner. The longer it takes for the dealer to sell off your preowned, the lesser profit they will make due to the culprit of COE that is depreciating every day. Most consignment agents will charge a small administrative fee when you engage their service ranging from the least of S$500 and up to 1% of the final sale price. The agents will handle all the inquiries, sales talk, paperwork, existing settlement, insurance, etc. While all you have to do is sit back and relax while your agent does all the work for you! With that, it explains how you can get a high vehicle return value from consignment service.

  2. Have Full Rights To Your Vehicle While Selling On Consignment
    The beauty of consignment lies within being able to drive your preowned while selling at the same time! Set a desired selling price with the agent and let them run the show, and feel free to turn the agent down when the price is not right with ZERO cost! Consignment is made perfect for owners who have a busy schedule and require heavy usage of vehicles.

  3. No Need To Entertain “Spamful” Amount Of Enquiry
    Does having the thought of direct selling interest you after viewing those options on sgCarMart? It may sound attractive to list your vehicle for $68 on the Standard Ads/$108 on the Standard Ads + Star Ads with a 365days posting until you sell off your preowned vehicle, but don’t forget that you are required to handle all the inquiry & viewing coordination by yourself. Without the help of someone with expertise in this industry, the seller will end up being at the losing end during pricing negotiation. Some common issues lie with the seller not having sufficient knowledge in this field, price wrongly/unreasonably, and bad negotiation skills. In other words, by engaging Wheeley Auto as a consignment agent with just a $500 FLAT administrative fee we charge, you will save all the hassle that eventually put you in a headache.

Benefit Of Selling Through Wheeley Auto Compared To Direct Selling:
-Fetch Higher Pricing Reasonably
-Attractive Advertisement & Huge Client Pool With Higher Selling Rate
-Expertise Negotiation That Protects Both Seller & Buyer Interest
-Fast Loan, Insurance & Paper Work Process
-Handling Of Inquiry & Filtering Potential Buyers
-Dealing At Your Convenient

Now you have read them all, do you agree that getting S$500 less in return for vehicle value is much more worth it than all the hassle done by direct selling/direct dealer? Leave the specialized work to the specialist.

Engage Wheeley Auto as a consignment agent before 31st December 2021 for a promotional admin fee of only S$450 FLAT. Hit us up via the form on our front page with the necessary details, and we will contact you ASAP! Experience the taste of convenience while not neglecting personal interest.

Wheeley Auto – Your Trusted Consignment Specialist

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